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The Puzzle Advance presents the locks Quarter-Turn RAPID BOX in two versions the NRA and NRB. This range of locks presents a system for rapid implementation, which makes installing the doors, and panels, in a very simple way with just a “CLIK”.
The NRA version is produced in black polyamide self-extinguishing according to UL94 V-0 and comes with a full range of insert options. In addition, and provided with a silicone gasket injected providing an excellent seal for application to panels having 1 to 2mm thick in order to maintain a IP65 protection.
The NRB lock already have the same specification but with chrome finish that gives a protection to salt spray for 240 hours. The NRA and NRB locks can be supplied with the came in steel zinc plated or Polyamide.


The modular bellows consists of 3 main components: Bellows, collar, and joint.
The collars and joints are assembled with the bellows by interlocking the ends. The collars are the two end sections of the bellows.
By drilling a hole of the correct dimensions, you can obtain the perfect grip on the flange and ensure the seal.
The optional joint allows the connection of more bellows together so as to obtain any length.
Available in various models and dimensions, the modular bellow is the ideal solution. Its appearance is perfect for the application and, at the same time, it ensures complete protection for any mechanical componente.


Machine feet and adjustable feet in respect of the strictest hygienic regulations: a very specific product for high demanding environment concerned with hygiene, food and dairy industry among all. Other applications can be found within the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.
Teknoclean series also includes more specific products such as supports for tanks which guarantee a high resistance to the highest loads.